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A coversation about music becomes a conversation about the totality and complexity of music.Inevitably, you must not speak about an instrument or about different kinds of music but also how the music must be recorded. An already accomplished musician might understand the various possibities better in the recording studio or at the mixing consol. A conversation about music might stop there except for those with vast horizions. But in the case of Gabriel Amato, those horizions are even more so "unatainable". In fact he is a musician,there is no doubt about that,especially after seeing and hearing him in tour with banco and recently with Cocciante. But to meet Gabriel Amato, the surprises never seem to end! You must remember He is a multi-instrumentalist (The only bassist ever to be sponsored by paiste cymbles) And then is it true He is a bassist? in reality He is a guitarist...but He is always reffering to percussion as a percussionist -plays 6 or 7 instruments. This expierience He speaks of in the interview has helped him have a total understandig of music without presenting the difficulty of it all. Then how the musician might have his own rapport with an instrument. But thats not all. In Florida where He lives, Amato works in studios where he creates with sound, not from a purly technical point of view, but to find those "custom fit" sounds for his projects. The picture is complete or almost complete because you cant just think of him as a perfectionist of music, Amato is intrested in all facets of music that are controlable. To get to know better musics most deepest secrets.Therfore it comes as no surprise that over the years He has won the confidence of great luthiers and instrument manufactures who've helped him to realize His patented designs ( Amatobasso, Amatoacoustic, Amatoelectric, and the Amatojazz) That came from this need to have insruments cooperate with HIM. He is revolutionizing the sounds of instruments that have always been. to say more is useless...............

Topaz Moonlight is a project I took on as a final challange to myself. I didn't have one single video of what I actually Do to make my records. People always ask me who did the drums on your first album"Handshadows"? When I say I did I get those strange "yea right" kind of looks. I also didn't want a fake-look at one thing and hear another- so I recorded the audio of the album tracks in front of a video rig.Way easier said than done. if the video quality was'nt acceptable then the audio no matter how good had to be redone. and the opposit was also true. I wrote this piece when i was 18 and played it with comprimised bands. now that i've done it myself i realise why all those musicians had such a tough time with it!!!

( it is a DVD included with the cd "Behind the clouds")

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That total sense of music

Topaz Moonlight

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